Friday, 7 April 2017

Literacy T1 WK10 Reflection

Word Work

This is my word work for this week. We had to get our words and find the definition and the Origin. Hope you like it!
Work Work


This week we did some free writing from a website called It has ann activity for every day of the year and a new one every day! It is really fun. Here it is!
There was no time for shoes at all. My house was burning down, I HAD to get my sister out. I got her out. We checked my Mum and Dad, There room was burnt to smithereens. My eyes welled up with tears I looked at my sister she was on her knees crying. “come.. On.. (Sniff), We have to call 111 quick”  I said. She got up and wiped her tears away. I grabbed my phone and dialed 111, I heard someone heavily breathing, But nothing else. I quickly hung up we ran to the police station. On our way there was no one on the street. “ Odd “ I said. We kept on going. Everything was shut down. We finally got thereScreenshot 2017-04-04 at 12.15.32.png

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